Why you need a Chartered Surveyor – Member Interview – David Cosby

May 29, 2019 10:00 am
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We met with the team at David Cosby Chartered surveyors, established in 2003.

They helped us understand the importance of their work, potentially saving their customers money and providing information enabling their clients to make the right decisions.

Natasha, David’s wife joined recently bringing her legal knowledge, giving them an advantage over their competitors. Whilst they don’t offer legal advice, it does allow them to ask the right questions, stopping confusing legalese from slowing down property transactions.

They stay up to date with recent advancements, in technology(as shown in this video) and law. This is very important, as both are constantly changing and emerging technologies can reduce cost and save time. 

The work has to be precise and meticulous. Speaking to David Cosby shows his passion for his work, his vast knowledge is impressive and this shows in their growing business.

Architectural Design Service & Consultation

As well as the full range of RICS home surveys David Cosby also provides design and planning for extensions, conversions, new homes & more . The team at David Cosby work closely with clients throughout the project, from conception to planning or building regulation submission. 

Correct pre-application advice coupled with drawings often saves clients time and money, at the later building stage!

Chartered surveyor Services

Topographical Land Surveys

A topographical survey is useful on any uneven or irregular shaped site or where unknown features need to be identified and is an essential part of any design and planning process.

Measured Building Surveys

This service can also be tailored to residential sites. The amount of information needed varies from client to client. Survey data is used to produce 'as existing' floor plans & elevations.

Land Registry and Lease Plans

Land Registry has for a number of years now set out specific requirements for any plans submitted to them including those annexed to transfers of part and registrable leases.

For further information please contact David Cosby

Phone: 01327 361664

Email: davidcosby@davidcosby.co.uk

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